Vegan Food in Vegas


Alysia McCarthy

Veggie and Margarita Pizzas from Greens & Proteins

Alysia McCarthy

While there are many plant-based options for eating in Las Vegas, they do not always receive the attention they deserve. Having affordable vegan and vegetarian options around is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle, and having been vegetarian for two years, I have had my experience in experimenting with eateries and affordable recipes. Some of my favorite places have an abundant number of options at affordable prices and flavorful taste and are accompanied by a very welcoming environment. Here are a few of my favorite vegan eateries in Las Vegas:


Tacotarian is a plant-based Mexican eatery established in 2018 with three locations in Las Vegas, including Downtown at 1130 South Casino Center Boulevard, Southwest at 6135 South Fort Apache Road, and Henderson at 75 South Valle Verde.

Their menu has a large selection of tacos as that is their basis of food but is also accompanied by many other delicious plant-based dishes. One of my favorite foods is their carne asada fries. The prices of the food here are also very affordable, especially for vegan options. Along with the food, they have enjoyable scenery to take pictures and hang out with your friends. Tacotarian is one of the top vegan eateries I have been to, as it exceeds in everything it has to offer.

When looking at their website, they have many different ways they interact with the community and make efforts to make connections with their customers. Unlike many eateries, they have a blog where they show different plant-based recipes and informational pieces not only about their restaurants but also about vegan diets and healthy ways of living. You are able to leave comments and interact with the articles that are posted.

Squally’s Cafe

One of the first vegan cafes I have tried, Squally’s Cafe is a great place to hang out and chit-chat with friends. Established in 2020, this cafe is located at 7920 South Rainbow Boulevard and is focused on using natural, unprocessed ingredients to create a health-conscious community. One of my favorite things on their menu is the smoothie bowls. They are a filling treat when you want something sweet. Not only is it a welcoming environment, but the workers are friendly and enjoy interacting with customers. They also have unique coffee and lattes, such as the blue latte, which is literally a blue latte!

Their website is nicely organized with a gallery when you first look at it. They have a section where you can contact them, and you are able to read a bit about them. Also, at the bottom of the home page, they have their social media so that you can see a bit more about the cafe. Other than that, it is a pretty standard website as it includes their menu and a spot to order online.

Greens & Proteins

Greens and Proteins is a plant-based food franchise established in 2011 with seven locations in Las Vegas. These locations include 8675 West Rome Boulevard, 5045 West Tropicana Avenue, 6180 North Decatur Boulevard, 353 East Bonneville Avenue, 6375 South Rainbow Avenue, 9809 West Flamingo Road, and 8975 South Eastern Avenue. The ultimate goal of opening this franchise was to create a place where people would want to eat but could also eat healthily. When going to Greens and Proteins, the space was very clean and fresh with its color choices and set up. The employees are very friendly to customers and willing to help.

The Greens and Proteins website is one of the best-kept websites I have seen as it is very visually appealing with a matching color scheme and great organization. It is pretty standard in its categories as it comes with a menu, locations, catering menu, about us, franchise, and contact categories. My favorite category is the franchise page, as they have a lot of information on the history of Greens and Proteins and a lot of other well-organized elements. At the very bottom of the page, you can find their social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

With the rise of people on plant-based diets there needs to be more availability of these options. I interviewed my friend Jade Pong, who attends Southwest Career Technical Academy, about what it is like being plant-based and finding places around to eat. She has been vegan for over a year now and finds it somewhat difficult to find options when eating out, but in the end there is always something she is able to eat.

Her favorite plant-based eateries include Tacotarian, Veggie House, and POTs which she says she eats way too much. Jade’s ideal vegan cafe would be “a very artsy setting with dim light and tons of seating for people to work and study. The menu would have a good variety of vegan food and drinks along with seasonal items. Overall, it would have a very relaxing atmosphere.” Personally, I found this relaxing atmosphere to be very common in these vegan eateries I went to.

When looking at the amount of plant-based and vegan eateries in Las Vegas there are so many amazing hidden gems. These options, whether popular or quaint, can be a great way to live a healthier lifestyle or simply enjoy a quick bite. Some things all of these eateries have in common is that they all have a clean and welcoming environment with a great selection of food that could fit anyone’s pallet. These are only a select few of the very many great plant-based and vegan eateries around Las Vegas for you to enjoy, so it is a great idea to go out and enjoy new places!