Club Spotlight: Paws for Change


Paws for Change meets in room M-77 from 10:28-10:58 on Tuesdays and is open to anyone who would like to join.

Taylor Johnson, Author

Paws for Change is a unique club that is focused on helping animals in the Las Vegas valley. As a club, their goal is to be able to help educate and inform people about overpopulation in the valley. “So my focus personally for Paws for Change is always on educating our fellow LVA people on the importance of being a responsible pet owner,” says club adviser Ms. O’ Gara.
When asked what a typical club meeting would look like, O’ Gara replied, “It’s a little more difficult for us to do the fundraisers that we typically would do in the years past like selling iced coffee and smoothies and, you know, with those [COVID] limitations but right now we just started. So right now the typical meeting is finding officers and, you know, coming up with ideas on volunteering, which is another obstacle that we’re facing as well.”

Paws for Change has been running at LVA since 2009 and plans on continuing as long as the school allows them to. After a year of online school, the entire club is glad to be back in-building and active again.

“A lot of the organizations are limiting how much we can volunteer and how much we can, you know, work with these other organizations. So right now, this year is kind of a weird year for us because we were limited in the things that we usually like to do. Right now I think that we do have the finances to help, you know, any family in need with the spaying and neutering but that’s the focus.”

This club meets in room M-77 from 10:28-10:58 on Tuesdays and is open to anyone who would like to join. For more information, email Mrs. O’Gara or follow @pawsforchange.lva on Instagram.