Day in the life of a Film Major

Makenzy Faulk, Reporter

Laurence Andrews was interviewed and asked what his daily routine looks like, so students in different majors could see what a film major does everyday. Andrews went through his schedule, starting with his morning. 

Andrews wakes up at 5:30 am and arrives at school around 6:40 am. Andrews then explained his class schedule and how it’s constructed, “On odd days, I have one film class, and on even I have two.” Andrews described his odd day schedule, “I have 1st period Chemistry with Mr. Coates, 3rd Dance P.E with Mr. Whitefield, 5th Video Production with Mr. Garcia, and 7th Geometry with Mrs. Erculei.” 

“On even days, I have 2nd period Film Video Lab with Mr. Garcia, 4th History with Ms. Bash, 6th English with Mr. Archibald, and 8th Film Studies with Mr. Garcia,” Andrews explained. When asked what he and his fellow classmates were doing in class right now, Andrews said, “We’re currently working on creating films of course, this time though it’s a directors choice kind of thing. We get all creative freedom.” 

Later during the interview, Andrews was asked what the process is like when making a film and what challenges there are. Andrews responded with, “The process of making films in class is pretty simple, and something you’d probably expect from us. First we come up with an idea, then comes a treatment, where we write down the characters, moods, synopsis, and any ideas we have for our film.” 

Andrews went into depth on storyboards and script making, saying, “Script writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, mine included, but it is important to have one. After that, we have to storyboard.” 

Finally, on April 28th, all Film majors attended the Film & Video Awards at The Beverly Theater, celebrating their accomplishments. According to Andrews, the Film & Video Awards is an award ceremony for film majors, to be acknowledged for the form of art they’re creating, “Of course our films are for grades, but they’re actual pieces of art that we work on for months and they should be awarded,” Andrews said. 

When asked what the Film Awards acknowledge, Andrews replied with, “Film at LVA is pretty small and kind of unheard of. Some people know, some people know and don’t care, or some probably don’t know about it. Which is okay, we have our own little community. The Film Awards is just the place for that.” 

This was just a tiny sample into what a Film majors schedule looks like, what they do, and how they are celebrated for their efforts and work.