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Make The Most Of Functions And Abstraction

Make The Most Of Functions And Abstraction

Cameron Brian, Reporter December 6, 2023

In the last blog, you learned about the basic syntax of computer code, and how it is a set of instructions to follow, like a recipe. However, the big difference between computer code and a recipe is something...

Lauren Kingham who was one of the dancers at the Fall Dance show.

A Look Before The Fall Dance Show

Jayce Rodrigues, Reporter November 15, 2023

The Fall Dance was a great show to experience, and took weeks of rehearsals to prepare for it. You might particularly just think of a performance at face value, though you typically will not stop to consider...

Ways to Self-Care & Decompress

Ways to Self-Care & Decompress

Deanna Webber, Reporter October 6, 2023

With school, and even home life, we often glaze over our mental health. Burning ourselves out, and not treating ourselves from time to time. Whenever I notice I've been mistreating myself, I immediately...

Sleeping with Sirens performing at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

The Used Tour with Sleeping Sirens

Alex Hairston, Reporter October 6, 2023

After their recent tour with Pierce the Veil, The Used announced a new tour with Sleeping with Sirens. This announcement had many fans excited to see how the band would collaborate on this tour, and theorizing ...

Jazz 2 and 3 students, Quinton Krull, Abraham Rojas-Olvarez, Emanuelle Eustaquio, Kaylee Medley.

We Know It’s Early

Lucia Moran Montiel, Reporter October 6, 2023

On September 13th, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, and Jazz 3 had their first concert of the year. Everyone was looking forward to hearing all of their hard work. Being the first performance in quite some time, there...

At First Friday there are tons of unique activities to do. You can even enjoy skating on an indoor ramp.

First Friday

Aria Celentano, Reporter September 28, 2023

First Friday is an event located all over Downtown Las Vegas filled with various activities, performers, and local businesses to support. Sam Grandos is an active supporter of First Friday’s events and...

Comic Strip 1

Comic Strip 1

Jesus Ramirez, Reporter November 29, 2022

Below is the idea of how the first script will go and match the comic strip.    Mariachi major  Art Alberto: *In mariachi room and practices* Kyoko: *enters mariachi room* Yup I knew...

Photo Credit: P1750225 Sebastian Mueller Band @ Red Horn District by tottr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

The Influence of Jazz on Modern Music

Daemon Bawa, Reporter October 13, 2022

Jazz has severely decreased in popularity since the mid-1900’s, and many people today don’t even try to listen to it. However, many other kinds of music that those same people might enjoy have some...

Change Within Our Community

Change Within Our Community

Elijah Hicks, Reporter May 3, 2022

If there was one thing you could change about the world, what would it be? Crime? Racism? Poverty? Human trafficking? I wish there was a way to pick the worst one, but there’s not. All of these problems...

Change Together

Change Together

Elijah Hicks, Reporter April 19, 2022

From my own experience, trying to change alone sucks. It isn’t something we can just do alone, and it’s not something we’re handed. We don’t have to isolate ourselves to figure it out. Now that...

Although electives and extracurriculars matter, core classes and behavior matter just as much.

Opinion: Held to a Higher Standard

Gisele Serna, Reporter March 3, 2022

Should kids in extracurricular activities be held to a higher standard? Yes, it’s imperative that students in these programs follow a special code of conduct. Students are not entitled to these activities....

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