Major Spotlight: Mariachi


Carlos Aparicio, a senior mariachi major

Stefan Vujnovic, Reporter

Carlos Aparicio, a senior mariachi major at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, after his performance at Noche De Mariachion on November 10, 2021, reviews how he got his start in mariachi.

”I first got into it, I’d say about sixth grade in my first year of middle school. The reason why I got into it in the first place was because all my other siblings are all a part of it and are at the top groups, so it was kind of more like a tradition and I feel like I would be failing the tradition if I didn’t do it myself,” explains Carlos.

Mariachi is a fairly small major, but a big part of the talent at LVA.

¨I say we fit in pretty well because we are not anything too different, it all ties in with music… We have a lot of things and a lot of similarities, so we are not entirely different other than the fact it is in a different language but other than that we fit in pretty good,¨ describes Carlos about Mariachi’s role at LVA.