Beginning Black History Month



Students in the Quad on February 7, 2022 participating in an event organized by BSU.

Zephaniah Casey, Reporter

February is Black history Month, and I would like to focus on Black excellence and accomplishments. We all know, or at least should know, about the achievements of Black activists and figures such as Maya Angelou, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and James Baldwin, but do you know about those who aren’t slapped on the face of a billboard? For instance, people like Claudette Colvin, Shirley Chisholm, and Alice Coachman are all placed in the background and their achievements are barely recognized. Claudette Colvin (1939-), was essentially the original Rosa Parks, Rosa Parks is important and her contribution deserves recognition but Colvin refused to give up her seat on a bus a whole nine months before Rosa’s. Finally, at the age of 82, Colvin’s record has been struck clean… 66 years later.

Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005), was the first Black woman in Congress in 1968. Chisholm was also the first woman and Black person to seek nomination for President of the United States. During her time, Chisholm was an advocate for women’s rights, how women were seen in the workplace, and for minorities of all backgrounds. Chisholm even has an autobiography titled “Unbought and Unbossed” which highlights the issues she advocated for.

Alice Coachman (1923-2014) was a Black track and field star, the first Black woman to win an Olympic gold medal (1948). She was born in the South and had difficulties finding places to train, but despite the opposition, Coachman trained in any way she could, from running barefoot to using old objects for the high jump portion of track and field.

These three women are oftentimes disregarded and unseen, but they are powerful and monumental. They, just like many others, deserve to be seen, they deserve their recognition and who are we to steal that from them?

Here is a link that will take you to a site where you can learn more about Black history.

One more thing before you leave, BSU (Black Student Union) is hosting a spirit week this week (Feb. 6, 2022-Feb. 11, 2022).

Monday the 7th is Wild N Out Day, with music in the quad.

Tuesday the 8th is Character Day

Wednesday the 9th is Vine/Meme Day

Thursday the 10th is Culture Day

Friday the 11th is 2000’s/90’s Day

You can follow BSU’s Instagram page @lva_bsu

Have an amazing Black History Month and please remember to stay educated.