Comment Wednesday: Halloween or Christmas?


George Bentley Lagason, Reporter

I present to you a dilemma that has troubled the minds of millions today: Holidays. Two of the most renowned, and commercialized holidays are Halloween and Christmas. Today, I come here to ask you all a question: Which holiday do you prefer? Halloween (Or Samhain/Hallow’s Eve if you still call it that) or Christmas? 

Christmas is a holiday in December which is celebrated because of the birth of Jesus Christ, the central figure of worship in the Christian religions. It’s celebrated amongst family and friends and commonly includes exchanging Whether it be with your close friends, immediate family, those relatives you don’t remember the name of or that you don’t want to talk to, that one old guy down the street, or maybe even that one neighbor whose house you never realized was there, all you need is some company and some Christmas Spirit to have a good Christmas. 

Source: “#swarovsky christmas tree zurich – lots of glitters” by neXtplanaut is marked with CC BY 2.0.

Halloween is a holiday celebrated in the month of October. The roots of Halloween are linked back to Christian and Celtic/Pagan roots. Christians usually treat Halloween as Hallow’s Eve which is a precursor to All Saints Day. Though the Christians had actually appropriated the holiday from the true originators, the Pagan Celts. For Pagan Celts, they refer to it as Samhain, a day where people light candles and wear costumes to ward off ghosts and all types of evil spirits, which were presumed to come back and roam the earth, and they would make animal sacrifices to help survive the winter. This holiday is commonly celebrated by people dressing up and walking around, giving out different treats to people of a wide range of ages which may contain Super Soldier Serum, Venom, The Krabby Patty Secret Formula, or even that stuff that turned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mutant. 

Both holidays have overall polarizing vibes. Christmas is warmer with colors like red and green being associated with the holiday, and Items like fireplaces, sweaters, and hot chocolate is associated with Christmas. Things such as skulls, ghouls, ghosts, monsters, crawlers, costumes, and candy are all associated with the October Holiday. 

Now, which one do you prefer? Do you prefer Christmas and all its music (from Mariah Carrey)? Or do you prefer Halloween and the Monster Mash (the only Halloween song I remember)? Or do you prefer neither? Maybe something like St. Patrick’s Day or even Thanksgiving may be your style (I don’t know any songs for these ones.) For me, either of them is good, As long as there is some good food, I’m in! 

Let us know your preference down in the comments and tell us why! 

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