Comment Wednesday: PC vs Console


Artwork by Jessica Barborka

Jessica Barborka, Reporter

PCs and consoles have both been two very popular ways to game over the years and people tend to be very opinionated about what device they use to game. Both PCs and consoles are wildly popular and are expected to continue to be very popular in the gaming industry for years to come; however, every gamer must eventually decide which gaming device to focus on. 

Consoles are a generally cheaper option, with the XBox S selling for a whopping $700 less than the average gaming PC. But, even though PC’s are more expensive than the average console, they can be used for many other things in addition to gaming, including schoolwork, art, and video editing. In contrast, console games often allow for multiplayer split screen, so you and your friends can play on the same device, which is a feature that most PC games don’t have. If you don’t have friends to play with, then the PC might be a better option because they tend to have much higher quality graphics and FPS.

What features do you prefer in the decades old debate of PC vs console?