Comment Wednesday: Tsunami or Hurricane?

Sydney Polednak, Reporter

What’s one of the worst situations you can imagine yourself in? Somewhere on the list has to be at least a few natural disasters. Now, imagine again you have to pick between trying to make it out of a tsunami or a hurricane? 

The parameters for surviving a tsunami advise holding tight to sturdy furniture or things like large palm trees. If you manage to avoid getting caught on the beach during this disaster, it’s a race against time to get to the highest point available to you. But then again, what would happen if you get caught in the ocean while this happens? Maybe a drier disaster would be better. 

A hurricane may be involved with the sea still, but the 15-20 mph winds (which can reach up to 60 mph) can dry any kind of drenched clothing. You’ll just have to avoid the rain. Given that you’re inside during this storm, the only thing you need to be worried about is your roof getting torn off. The weather attack is almost always broadcasted through forecasts which would give you far more time to prepare than a tsunami. The best advice given in advance of the hurricane would be to cut down any excess tree limbs and tie things down: the most damage is done by things being slammed around by the wind. 

However, for both disasters, flooding is a major issue, so, which would you choose?