The Nightmare Before Homecoming


Violet Gude

Student council members sort through posters as they decorate the Frazier hall in preparation for homecoming. Pictured (left to right): Chanelle West, Destiny Adams, Karli D’Angeli

Allyson Nash, Reporter

This year’s homecoming dance here at Las Vegas Academy took place on Saturday, October 22nd. The dance was organized and set up by members of the Student Council. Student body treasurer Karli D’Angeli notes how they began their process by deciding on the homecoming theme. “Me and a bunch of other StuCo kids, we came up with Tim Burton, and we based all of our characters for NSO [New Student Orientation] off of Tim Burton, and then when that was a success for NSO this year, we just continued with the theme for Hoco,” says D’Angeli.

The Student Council’s decision on a homecoming theme based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas was a successful start for its members. The process of setting up for the homecoming dance was a time-consuming and complex project. Members of StuCo worked hard to ensure the success of the dance. 

“It was crazy,” D’Angeli says regarding the process. “We divided into committees, which is something new that we’re trying this year, and it worked really well. We had a committee specifically per area, so one for the gym, one for the quad one for the cafeteria. And then we had people like me on fundraising, we had people for decorations, we have people for music, things like that. And that made our setup definitely less chaotic than it has been in previous years. Which I mean, thank God, but it all came together really nicely.”

Though organizing and setting up for the homecoming dance was difficult and stressful for StuCo, their hard work paid off. Many dance participants and members of StuCo are satisfied with the outcome of the homecoming dance.

“It was very stressful, but I’m just happy with the turnout,” says D’Angeli. “So now that it’s over, it’s smooth sailing from here.”