Is the Stanley Cup Water Bottle Worth all the Hype?

Kaidyn Kuzyk, Reporter

Are the Stanley cups actually worth it? Do they have a point? Why are they so popular? In my opinion, the answer is yes. It is an affordable cup that is easy to carry and comes in cute colors. Any drink you put in it stays cold all day. The new matte feel to the cups is soft and doesnt slip out of your hand. I like the handle to carry it around the school easily and the shape of the cup fits perfectly into cup holders in cars. A 40-gallon cup from Stanley is $40 while a 32-gallon bottle from Hydroflask is $50. The Stanley comes in many different colors that are trendy and cute. Some things that I think they could change would be to make the lid completely leakproof. From experience, this can cause a lot of problems. I would also change some of the colors because some of them are boring. So is the Stanley Cup really worth it? I  think yes, yes it is.