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Las Vegas Academys of The Arts  student council made a sign at the senior picnic assembly for the 2024 graduating class.

To The Class of 2024

Elena Murrieta, Editor in Chief May 16, 2024

The class that seems to have dealt with the most challenges and that seems to have been given the least is the class of 2024. While completing their eighth grade education, their year was taken by a pandemic...

Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that. Eartha Kitt

Sincerely 17

Elena Murrieta, Editor in Chief May 16, 2024

When looking at popular songs from both now and in the past, it seems like age 17 stands out as one of the most mentioned ages.  Not only has this affected how the general population and especially teenagers...

Image by Danica Seitz

What Las Vegas Needs Is More Spaces for Teens To Hangout

Danica Seitz, Reporter May 15, 2024

What Las Vegas needs is more spaces for teens to go and be able to hangout. Going to the same places over and over again can get very repetitive and boring. It can also be financially draining if you have...

Image by Emily Dunbar

America’s Problem With Gun Violence

Emily Dunbar, Reporter May 10, 2024

Just a few days ago as of writing this, Las Vegas has had another shooting attack in downtown, with one dead. Gun violence remains a pervasive issue in the United States, sparking intense debates and discussions...

Cappy and Rosanne.

Adopting a Disabled Cat

Danica Seitz, Reporter May 10, 2024

There are many opinions on disabled cats and their quality of life. Some people say that if a cat is disabled, they won’t live a full happy life, whereas others say they can. I believe if a cat isn't...

Construction of the LVA parking garage

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Makes Room for Parking Garage

Miguel Limcay and Conner Hollister April 11, 2024

Big changes are coming to Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and it involves saying goodbye to a familiar spot: the school field. This field has been a favorite hangout for students, a place for sports, and...

Puffs celebrating

Puffs Photo Gallery

Danica Seitz, Reporter March 7, 2024

Reporter Danica Seitz curated a collection of Puffs photos for readers' enjoyment.    

The Poppy Foundation

The Poppy Foundation

Danica Seitz, Reporter March 7, 2024

The Poppy Foundation is a non profit organization focused on the care of un-adoptable cats with medical conditions and special needs. While most cats in their care will live the rest of their lives with...

Image provided by Xay Cardenas

Freshman Spotlight: Xay Cardenas

Hannah Aquino, Reporter March 7, 2024

The next student at Las Vegas Academy we'd like to highlight is a freshman technical theater major. Her name is Xay Cardenas and she talks about her experiences with LVA, something she's struggled with,...

Image by Alex Hairston

Anorexia on Tumblr

Alex Hairston, Reporter March 7, 2024

Over the last decade, anorexia has become an extreme issue within the media. We are seeing more and more people glamorize anorexic behaviors and scrutinize their bodies. Research has shown that during...

Homeless Problem in California Ties to Nevada

Homeless Problem in California Ties to Nevada

Emily Dunbar, Reporter March 7, 2024

California, Las Vegas’ neighbor, has been dealing with a major homeless problem for many years. It’s only gotten worse as years go by. Over 181,000 people in California are homeless, and 13.2% of Californians...

Richard Ramirez shown putting his hand up to show the satanic signs drawn on his hand in court in Episode 4 of Netflixs documentary series Night Stalker.
Image property of Netflix

The Night Stalker

Citlali Lopez, Reporter March 7, 2024

Trigger Warning: This article refers to murder, rape, and sexual assault. Who was the Night Stalker? “The Night Stalker” also referred to as Richard Rameriz, was an American serial killer who...

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