Review: Genshin Impact: Step Into a Vast Magical World of Adventure


Overview of Mondstant the City of Wind. (Main Cover)

Hayde Muniz, Reporter

Genshin Impact has been rising and blowing up recently on social media. The free-to-play game is an open RPG game out on Mobile, PC, and PS4/5 consoles. The game allows you to journey through many different places in Teyvat which is the world you play in. The world is always filled with things to do and explore more about the world you landed in. At the start of the game, you are greeted with an amazing storyline and are to choose one of the two starting characters to play the rest of the game. 

“The real star here is Teyvat itself, a world that is absolutely bursting at the seams with possibilities. Every nook and cranny is loaded with collectibles to power your characters up with, chests to discover and pull loot from, puzzles to solve, enemies to take down, challenges to complete, dungeons to tackle, relentless bosses to fight, and quests to pursue. It’s actually almost distressing how much there is to do.”  – Travis Northrop

Not only is the game well known for the exploration and riches to find, but the characters also play a big part in the storylines and the game in general. Teyvat is a world where magical powers are given to people called “visions,” these visions have different elements. Cyro(Ice/cold), Pyro(Fire), hydro(water), Dendro(plants), Geo(earth), Electro(lightning), and Anemo(wind).  Each playable character has their own vision. The main character you choose at the beginning of the game doesn’t have a vision but is able to handle every single element in the game and in the region they cross.

“Whichever twin you choose to play as is dropped into the medieval kingdom of Teyvat and embarks on a quest to find their sibling. It’s a journey that leads you from being inducted into an order of knights to proving your innocence after being accused of murdering a local demigod.” – Steven Messner (PC Gamer)

Each new region available has a vision associated with that region. The starter region is called Mondstat the city of wind is associated with Anemo, The next region that was released was Liyue city of trade and contractions which is associated with Geo. The last and most recent new region to come out last year was Inazuma land of eternity associated with Electro. With more explorations you do more and more materials you collect you’re able to accumulate Primo Gems which is the thing you need in order to wish for new playable characters to join you on your adventure and find riches.

“But this is not like a normal GACHA game. You get so many characters with the chance at more and more completely for free. You never have to spend money. There is no pay wall and the story lines are fantastic.” – CraftiBadger (Apple Reviews)

Not only is this an exploration game but there’s always events going on in order to earn more money and Primogems to roll for more characters. Events are fun and easy to play and you could even invite friends to play with you. The favorite among players in Windtrace, where you play hide and seek with 3 other players one person is the seeker and the three hiders are able to shapeshift into different things to hide from the seeker.

“This traditional Mondstadt game from the time of tyrannical nobles pits Rebels against Hunters in a contest of smarts and sneakiness. It’s one of the best Genshin Impact 2.4 events and one of the few where we actually get to play alongside other humans as part of a matchmade activity.” – Sean Martin (Inverse)

Now what are you waiting for? There’s a whole journey in front of you. Why don’t you download the game and finally pass time with fun! Step into a Vast Magical World of Adventure. Don’t waste time now a new character was just released, Yae Miko and electro user.


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