Review: Open A Window by Rex Orange County


Image by Madisyn Wilds

Madisyn Wilds, Reporter

Rex Orange County, an indie singer and songwriter, has recently released a new album, Who Cares?. Before releasing the entire album, Rex released a handful of singles, one of them being Open A Window featuring Tyler, The Creator. Open A Window was officially released March 9th, 2022. Fans of Rex Orange County and Tyler, the Creator were excited for the long-awaited single to be released. After listening to the song, fans of the artist anticipated the release of the full album. 

Open a Window starts off subtly with an introduction of a few instruments. The first sounds like a bass guitar and the next instrument to join in is a tambourine. Then, Rex starts to sing. The very first lyric of the song is “Can I open a window?”  

After listening to the lyrics, the audience can conclude that Rex is referring to the concept of being stuck in a situation and wanting to get out. After “Can I open a window,” he sings, “Can someone open a door? There’s so many reasons, I can barely take it anymore.” Based on the lyrics that follow “Stuck here and I never seem to get away, but I’ll hang on,” the listener can infer that Rex is feeling trapped and can’t escape his current situation or relationship. 

At about 2 minutes and 20 seconds in, Tyler, The Creator, a popular LA- based rapper and songwriter, joins in. He continues to add to the theme of being stuck somewhere and unable to leave. He uses many metaphors symbolizing the idea of being stuck in his lyrics. One metaphor he mentions in the song, is a car being stopped on the freeway as semi-trucks pile up behind it. He ends his verse by stating that he is running in an attempt to escape this situation and compares this to a runny nose.

Overall, the song Open A Window by Rex Orange County and Tyler, The Creator is a fun, relaxed song showcasing catchy and relatable lyrics, upbeat sounds, and smooth vocals. Fans of both Rex and Tyler were very satisfied with the collaboration between the two artists and the song ultimately set the tone for the rest of Rex’s new album.