What is Your Favorite Instrument?


Faith Lugo, Reporter

Las Vegas Academy Accolades students sent out a survey on Aug. 25, asking the question, “What is your favorite instrument?” As the school year began, students became curious about the current mindsets of their music conservatory peers. Through the Instagram account, @lva.accolades, students could send in their answers, with results varying from kazoos, and harmonicas, to pianos and guitars. 

The guitar was a popular choice, as one of the dedicated majors in the music conservatory is guitar.

Such as guitar major, Peyton Schwitters said, “I liked this band called Polyphony …  I love like System of a Down riff. I love Korn, their riff stuff. And then just like all the other progressive rock, kind of like weird, Jazzy rock types.” They continued to talk about their experience with strings, stating, “I picked up the guitar in 2013. That was when I had my first lessons and then I started doing bass once I got into high school, so 2019 and then all the percussion stuff has been like within the past few months because of my band.”Guitar majors alone are not the only ones who enjoy the guitar, being a favorite amongst many.

Rafa Castellon, a vocal major, says their favorite instrument is a guitar. They said, ” I love Guitar.” Castellon continues to explain why they love the guitar. “Guitar is beneficial because it creates good strength in your hands and it teaches you about music. It can broaden your musical abilities if you already are practicing in something.” Castellon states that they can play other instruments but the guitar is their favorite instrument.

While the guitar is popular, uncommon options such as the viola were also mentioned.

Orchestra major Tori Murray, says that their favorite instrument is the viola. Murray describes the viola as having, “A nice chocolatey sound and is the middle tone to the whole entire orchestra. I think it really pulls it together, especially with all these parts that it has.” Murray also explains the skills the viola imparts, “It teaches you a lot about other coordination and other skills that you should also have so I think it’s very beneficial… it’s the middle person of the family and contains both qualities of violin and cello. So that’s a great thing to have.” 

The piano was also one of the most popular options, one person who favored the piano is Ari Musa.

Musa, a vocal major, says their favorite instrument is the piano. Musa said, “I really like the feeling of playing. It’s just really nice to be able to create music.” Musa also explains how it could be beneficial to their life and recounts how long they have been playing the piano. “Two years like fully but I started playing it five years old…Maybe in the future, you’re like an audition and they’re like, we need a person who sings and plays the piano for this role”. 

Reinforcing the popularity of the piano, another student gave their statement on the classical instrument.

Gavin Watson, a vocal major, says their favorite instrument is the piano. “Because it’s easy to impress your friends with”, said Watson, regarding the reason behind their interest. Watson also comments on the skills imparted through playing the piano, saying, “It really helps with hand-eye coordination and just overall perseverance when it comes to learning. It’s very helpful because it also helps you with sight reading, and learning the way around the notes.”

No matter what instruments are favored, all instruments are special and loved in their own way. LVA has a large music conservatory with a diverse group of students and instruments. Students can interact with their peers through performances, and many have even started with their instruments earlier on in their lives. Performers form a bond with their instruments through this time and experience. Although guitar and piano may have been the popular choice, everyone has their own favorite. What is your personal favorite instrument here at LVA?