Mia Yager’s experiences with acting outside of school.

Carmen Larreynaga-Amaya, Reporter

A student was interviewed here on the campus of LVA to get their insight on acting opportunities outside of school, as well as any organizations/groups they may be involved in outside of school. They were asked how they adjust to auditions not on school campus and how they prepare, comparing their tactics and priorities when it came to difficult roles. Pros and cons were also discussed to view their perspectives on these theater roles. The drive needed to attend rehearsals and continue with consistency is difficult for anyone.One of the many questions that Mia Yager answered was how did they originally get involved with chances to act outside of campus. Yager said, “Well, when I was in elementary school, I kept trying to find a sport that I was good at, but I never really liked any of them. So then I tried theater and then it always stuck with me.” This event sparked their interest in being passionate about their talent. From the beginning is where theater became a big part of their growth.

According to Yager, their priority when an upcoming audition is to focus on their self-health. They practice and discover new ways to relax themselves. “So the night before I review my monologue and my song like several times and try to do it from memory, and I drink hot tea because it helps warm up my throat. So at rehearsal, I try my best to go along with the group and learn everything I need to, and if I miss anything, like if I miss a rehearsal, then I gather what I missed from my peers and then I practice everything I can at home,” Yager said.

Considering the fact between the differences between on-campus stage roles, versus outside stage roles were explained on how to deal with such occurrences. Yager stated that they are a bit hard to control but always get done. “So, outside of school, it’s sometimes hard to focus because I’m so focused on like stuff in school. So sometimes I tend to cram, but once I’m done with all my schoolwork, I’ll try my best to pace myself outside of school,” Yager stated. In conclusion, there are many acting opportunities available for students here at LVA that challenge the community of theater to become better and increase their ability to grow.