Coming Soon: LVA’s Dark Secrets, a mockumentary


Conner Hollister, Reporter

From the directing mind of Conner Hollister, along with the brilliant writing and camera work of Ethan Andrew, comes a new conspiracy mockumentary based on LVA. 

Coming in the Spring of 2023, this mockumentary will follow a disillusioned high school conspiracist, Conner Ballister, trying to unlock the dark secrets of their school. As more and more of the puzzle is put together, Ballister uncovers LVA’s darkest secret and pledges to tell people, doing whatever it takes. 


Conner Ballister – Conner Hollister

Guy Camara – Ethan Andrew

Laptop Pasta Hand – Ava McClure

Laptop Cookie Monster Hand- Daniel Bryan

Editor in room – Taylor Johnson 

Lunch person – Cheyanne Bodine


Video Trailer (YouTube)