Calling all bloggers!



Accolades would like to introduce a new site, LVA Blogs. The intention with this site is to give LVA students a place to share experiences, reflect, and offer opinions. Although it is hosted and monitored by Accolades, it is not directly affiliated with us. This means that LVA students who are not part of the Multimedia Communications classes may share their writing on LVA Blogs.

Because Accolades funds the site, posts must be school appropriate and must be sent to us for approval and posting. Comments, too, will be monitored. Topics are open. Want to blog about life as a vocal major? Go for it. Want to write a diary from the point of view of a Squishmallow? OK. Want to write regular reviews of trending music? Perfect. Want to share photos or sketches of your work? Glorious. The possibilities are endless.

Reporter Connor Llanes has made our inaugural post. Check it out and let us know if you’ve like to share your own work.