Spring Break

Laynie Bliven, Reporter

Spring break is a perfectly timed break that recharges students enough to finish out the school year strong. While some people use it as a time to rest and recuperate from the daily stresses of school, others take it as a time to travel, spend time with friends, and just simply live their best lives. 

Junior vocal major Aria Celentano answered the question: What are you most excited for over spring break? In response to this, she said, “I’m most excited to not have any schoolwork and to just focus on myself. I want to be the best person that I can be with no stress.” High school students can agree that the very best versions of themselves come out when they are free of stress and worry, and get time for self-care and replenishment.

Also in response to this question, Rayne Montgomery said, “For spring break I really just want to focus on getting sleep and giving more attention to my mental health. I feel like during school it’s very rigorous and for spring break, I really just want to have a relaxed week.” Becoming mentally stable is essential to students’ well-being over the break. 

Junior theater major Dominic Latina talked about the best spring break he has ever had. He said, “The best spring break I’ve ever had is when we went to Costa Rica and we got to stay right on the beach. It was really fun because we got the whole beach to ourselves and spent time drinking tropical pineapple smoothies.” This furthers the idea that while mental health is important, getting away from everyday life once in a while is also beneficial. 

This article should remind students to make the most of their spring break. Use it as a time to reflect and be grateful for what they have, students don’t recognize their blessings enough with their chaotic schedules. Replenish, recuperate, and come back ready to finish off the school year strong.