Student Driving at LVA

Taylor Johnson, Editor in Chief

Las Vegas Academy (LVA)  is home to students from all over Las Vegas. Everyone has a different morning routine, but all routines end with getting to school. However, not everyone does it the same way. With most students taking the bus, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the prospect of driving themselves. 

LVA senior Elora Helfrich enjoys the freedom it gives her. When asked if she likes driving, Helfich said this, “I don’t like driving to school at five o’clock in the morning, but I do enjoy driving.” Unfortunately, not all LVA students are able to drive themselves to school.

Junior Jason Mellor hasn’t gotten his license yet, but he plans on getting it before the end of the school year, and the independence it will bring him. “I mean, do you have the freedom and independence that a teenager does? Yeah, but also at the same time, I don’t want to veer into crazy people.” Mellor confides that he’s a bit worried about drivers’ coming in from California. 

On the other hand, freshman Jordyn Eisenmann is very excited to get her permit. When asked what specifically she was excited for, she said, “Probably to like drive my friends around, or just drive where I want to.” She’s the most worried about parking due to vision impairment.

While each of these students has a unique set of experiences, they all share a certain excitement about driving.  Comment down below if you have your license or not.

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