Spotlight On Aaron Peake


Kaidyn Kuzyk

Aaron Peake smiles for a photo.

Jesus Ramirez, Reporter

Visual Art majors at Las Vegas Academy (LVA) are talented individuals who deserve to be recognized. Aaron Peake is a senior at LVA and this is what they had to say about the art department and himself. “I think it’s mostly just the community in the space that’s created in the classrooms,” Peake said. “Everybody’s so accepting and willing to help you out and critique you and, like healthy criticism.” When asked what difficulties they face, they said, “It is definitely the workload,” Peake said. “We’re usually making a lot of pieces, especially if you’re an AP, you’re making a lot of pieces a year.” This is what they had to say about how LVA has changed its artistry. “Well, it’s interesting because I actually used to be a music major for the first two years being here,” Peake said. “So I went to art, my junior year so I went from being one to AP 2D.” The last question asked was, have you ever faced adversity within the arts or like any art you’ve done before? Peake said, “Yeah, absolutely. Well, first of all, I could think about that as my mom doesn’t really like my art. That was a big thing. So that’s why I kind of quit for a while. But I think getting back into that really taught me you know, it doesn’t really matter what anybody thinks, no matter how close they are to you.” It’s important to always appreciate your own work and others’ as well. No matter the criticism, always persevere through the problems.