The Dance Department’s Fall Performance

The Dancer’s garments flowing through the air when kicking.

Caroline Laurent, Author

I attended Las Vegas Academy’s Fall Dance show on Friday evening in the hopes of documenting my feelings toward the performance. Despite it being the first show of the year, these dancers did not disappoint. Watching every number was quite the sight for the eyes and I was fortunate enough to sit so up close. 

I left the show with pride knowing I can inform others of the amazing talent the LVA Dance department has to offer. Just about every dance left me and the other audience members speechless. As soon as the lights went dark for the show to start, I was immediately dazzled with a bright (and very groovy) opening number, “All Aboard The MotherShip” by Ru Paul.  The upbeat tempo and shiny costumes were definitely an eye-catcher for the audience which made it a perfect opener for this show. Another fragment that I enjoyed was that the majority of costuming was not gender-specific. I got a sense of unity from every number that incorporated that trait and that the number itself is one big group. I was astonished over how the dancers remained unified when certain numbers involved moving to ambient noise and animal sounds. I know multiple audience members that had similar thoughts when I approached them after the show. With the newfound love for the dance department, I gained after watching this show, I am very much looking forward to attending the next dance show for my own enjoyment.