Spotlight: Oscar Diaz and Loida De La Cruz


Oscar Diaz and Loida De La Cruz help keep LVA feeling like home.

               As students, we often don’t recognize what’s done behind the scenes of the school, what the staff does to keep us comfortable and focused. From broken pipes to broken light bulbs, and heating/AC issues, the custodians work constantly to upkeep these things for our benefit. Oscar Diaz and Loida De La Cruz, along with other custodians on-campus, work hard every day to keep our school clean and maintained. No matter how hard they work, they always carry around a positive attitude, motivated by the students around them.   

Mr. Diaz and Mrs. De La Cruz are constantly on the run in and out of work hours. Mr. Diaz says, “We have a lot of work, it never ends.” Not only did Mr. Diaz build LVA’s outdoor stage for students to perform, but he is also in charge of Oscar Willy Burgers on the first Friday of the month. But it doesn’t stop there. Mr. Diaz and Mrs. De La Cruz have things to do after school other than being parents, having to “…Order supplies that are needed or making a list… sometimes after school I have to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot to buy stuff for the school.” says Mrs. De La Cruz.  

No matter how hard their work is, they both have a positive outlook on everything they do for LVA as Mr. Diaz says, “ I know that the environment is probably the best thing…” Mrs. De La Cruz continues to say, “ The kids are well-behaved all the time… I’ve never had a complaint towards a student… I think that this is a happy place to work at.” 

Mr. Diaz and Mrs. De La Cruz are always super complementary of LVA students, and we appreciate all their hard work around the campus and are beyond thankful for them.