A Closer Look at LVA Basketball


Miguel Limcay

Khalil Johnson sizing up defender Dominic Denusta during lunchtime at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts.

Miguel Limcay, Reporter

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts is known for helping students pursue their talents through a variety of majors, making it unlike any other campus. However, this comes at the sacrifice of something that every other high school has to offer- sports. From an outside view, you wouldn’t think LVA students would have any passion for sports and instead for their majors and their majors only- but that is untrue. In reality, a handful of students spend their time after school participating in sports at their zoned schools. In addition, many students spend their lunchtime playing basketball every day. For these students, most of their day is spent doing what they came here for, but for an hour, it’s all hoops. 

“It can be difficult sometimes but with good time management, it allows me to just play and work on my craft,” said Elleon “Miggy” Bruan, a piano major at LVA, but a basketball player outside of studying piano. When asked about how he is attempting to balance both his passion for basketball and talent in piano.

“Well, I just think it gives people a chance to show their athletic ability, you know, and especially if they love the game of basketball, come up, come to the court and have some fun,” the club’s president, Luke Youmans, a Jazz Major at LVA, said when asked about what this basketball club means to him.

Despite being an art school, LVA is more connected with the sport than it would seem. The campus has a basketball club that meets after school every Monday and Tuesday held by math teacher Ms. Clark.