Wear your Shirt!

Hey Students! Do you want to show your school spirit this year? Wear your LVA 30th-anniversary shirt on the 30th of every month to participate in fun school-wide activities such as raffle drawings, daily giveaways, hot cocoa, flashmobs, and even a chance to win lunch with Mr. Walker.

The first 30th event has already passed, which is the Fall Fest. Here’s what’s coming up in the following months. On Nov. 30th, there may be an exciting flash mob during lunch, during January you are able to get free hot cocoa and warm up in the cold weather. Finally, on March 30, you can find one of the 30 hidden eggs around campus to win lunch with Mr. Walker. You’ll have to wear your 30th Anniversary shirts in order to be eligible to get the raffle drawings, eggs, hot cocoa, etc.  

Don’t just wear your shirt on the 30th, do so all year long. During lunch, teachers will give out raffle tickets for a gift card drawing if you are seen wearing your shirt. There is a chance for you to get a “Cut the Line” card to the cage. This enables you to cut the line of the Cage once.  

The 30th anniversary holds great significance because we all are a part of this legacy that the school has built up. By wearing this shirt and keeping your school spirit strong, you are carrying on this legacy for years to come.